Monday, May 10, 2010


Why only a girl treats him like a baby just born, who needs to learn a lot?
Why only a girl prays that he gets all he wants?
Why only a girl keeps faith that he'll surely do his best?
Why only a girl feels the hurt of going away from him?
Why only a girl carries his pic wherever she goes?
Why only the girl doesn't check the time when he needs to talk?
Why only a girl can make such a promise, that would never any cost!!

When two people love each other equally, why is it that God gave tears only to the girl?
When both laugh together, why is it that only the girl feels so much Pain?
When two people get married, why only the girl compromises?
When both have different opinions, why only the girl needs to understand?
When a man doesn't want something to happen, why only the girl sacrifices?
When two people kiss, why only the girl closes her eyes?
When some pleasure is shared by two people, why is it that the consequences see just the woman?
Why only a girl wants to smell the rain, looks for the guy in the moon, wants the guy to get her the stars, imagines every romantic movie to turn into her love story, gets butterflies in her stomach on a simple touch, needs a hug even for no reason at all, wants to see her face in his eyes every time he looks at her, crosses all limits to show how much she cares, can think of giving away her everything to see him smile, would even die just to show him that he's all mine...!!!!


  1. Hmm.. difficult to answer all those whys.. but I guess, for girls it is easier to ask all these whys.. maybe a guy has the same questions, but cannot portray what he feels into words.. maybe guys do suffer from a "lack of communication".. :)

  2. Rajnikant is the only one to answer all these. A routine boy can't do that... ;)
    So u better ask him only.... :P

  3. Hahahahahaaaa... but Rajnikant's too old now to 'do' anything ;) :P